Staff & Build

Explore the various tasks of building and working on ambulance trains.

Background Information

The railways were the main source of transport for troops, munitions and goods during the First World War. Ambulance trains were specifically designed to bring the injured back home for treatment.

Designing and building these trains took place before the war began and they were exhibited to the public to show how well the wounded soldiers would be looked after.

The aim of this selection of resources is to help your students to learn about the different types of staff working on ambulance trains during the First World War and how the ambulance trains were designed and built.

Teachers’ notes

How to use these resources

  • use them as discussion points for learning about the different types of staff that worked on board ambulance trains
  • encourage your students to explore and interpret the resources
  • compare modern modes of transport and building techniques

Talking points

What’s happening in these images?
Who do you think might have taken these photographs?
What do these resources tell you about the staff that worked on ambulance trains?
How would you feel being a staff member?
What element would you have most liked to be part of?
What do these tell you about the way ambulance trains were designed and built?
Does anything in these resources surprise you?
What do these resources not tell us?
What questions do you need to ask about these resources?
What other types of sources of information do you think you need to look at to find out the answers to these questions?